'Biscuit Party' for Grayson Perry's Art Club

‘Biscuit Party’ is my submission for the food theme of Grayson Perry's Art Club. I wanted to create a playful piece that celebrated the end of lockdown through the medium of swirling biscuits! I decided to focus on the topic of teatime, as I’m sure a lot of tea has been drunk and biscuits consumed in the last year. It is also a moment in the day which I think you can all agree has been very welcome lately! In this painting - you can see a melange of biscuits flying across and tumbling down the canvas - as if they have leaped out of the cupboard in celebration of the good news.. the biscuits are having a party! I have chosen my childhood favourites, including pink wafers, party rings, jammy dodgers, iced gems and ‘very’ nice biscuits to name a few. The sense of nostalgia was important for me as it provided a comforting thought of happy times gone by, but also happy times to come. I used oils and a palette knife and applied the paint in an impasto manner which gives the biscuits a delicious three dimensionality and edible quality – you literally want to bite them off the canvas! The oil paint gives this piece a lovely, glossy finish which adds to deliciousness.

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