December Exhibition 2017

On the 9th December I showed a selection of my 2017 creations alongside the fabulous work of Sophie Windham and Saffron Guy. I have been reflecting on the event and consolidating my thoughts for the year ahead, which I wanted to share with you.

In 2017 I produced work in three main categories; Still Life’s, Food and Nature. The Still Life’s incorporated two different styles, the dark and light technique which I learnt on a course in Ireland in March. We used dark and light to create really bold and moody images. These paintings were executed in oil and the style marked a turning point in my approach to painting and composition. My larger scale Still Life’s were created in gouache, and incorporated techniques I learnt from a wonderful Artist I met in Spain during the summer. It was my first foray in both mediums and interesting to note how the quality and range of colours vary between them. I found the oils really rich, oaky and luxurious while the gouache, being a water based medium, was much lighter, brighter and had a wonderful opaqueness. The food paintings I exhibited were all executed in acrylic and included ‘Pavlova’ and ‘Éclair’ which were shortlisted for the RA Summer Exhibition. Alongside these, I showed some bright and colourful fruit and vegetables paintings from my ‘three series’, and a large scale Viennetta ice cream. It was great to see how my food paintings have evolved this year – they are much bolder, more colourful and now truly edible. The final category I explored was nature, which I looked too as a theme in my quest for stability and grounding. I also wanted to celebrate my surroundings and consider the things we perhaps take for granted each year, like the apples which arrive every August, and the purple haze of Wisteria which greets us every summer. I wanted to try and capture the magic and salubrious energy of our planet in these paintings.

So what’s install for 2018 I hear you ask! Well, 2017 was a great year for experimentation, which I am continuing with this year at Art college. I hope to learn a whole variety of techniques and find different ways to convey my vision. In my current project I am using the medium of collage, which is a fantastic way to convey the story of our time. The pieces of work are like a mirror to the world around us. I have also started a new food series which is inspired by Matisse’ love of patterns. And in a few weeks time I am attending a course on colour theory, which I’m very excited about. I hope to put all my new knowledge on colour into practise in 2018 and continue evolving work based on the subjects I love.

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