Howard Hodgkin Deliciousness

Guys, do you know the work of Howard Hodgkin? How delicious are these big, broad brushstrokes?

This painting ‘Ice’ 2008-10 encapsulates Hodgkin’s stylistic traits - in just a few, decisive strokes he captures the essence of is subject - in this case icy water. I feel that Hodgkin’s titles are such an important element of interpreting his work - without them you might be left guessing! In one of my favourite pieces - a few swishy marks with some berry coloured splodges are accompanied with the title ‘Raspberry Crumble’. I love the simplicity of his visual response to his subjects. In many of his pieces - you’ll often see the paint breaking beyond the canvas and gloriously filling the frame in an unorthodox and completely original manner. What I love most though are his brilliant colours that have a glowy luminosity that fill your mind and eyes with joyousness!

'Indian Rain'


'Edge of the Field'

'Late Afternoon'

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