Jazziness by Jadé Fadojutimi

For this week’s Friday inspiration I wanted to share the incredible work of contemporary artist, Jadé Fadojutimi - who I came across on the awesome Talk Art podcast. Jadé is the youngest Artist to have work in the Tate collection and is making big waves in the Art world right now.

Her work is bold, expressive, large scale, figurative and full of emotion. There are certainly nuances between her work and that of the Abstract Expressionist painter Lee Krasner who we talked about last week.

This painting titled ‘OB-SESS(H)-ION)’ 180cm x 170cm is one of my faves, not just because it’s predominantly purple! I love how the paint dances and swishes across the canvas in a turbulent tumble of emotional lines and abstract floral forms. She says that her inspiration comes from her emotions and experiences of life, which she draws and sketches, but also from the objects in her studio including dolls, plants, rugs and clothes. Her work has a beautiful rhythm which flows through the movement of the paint. She says that she listens to music and dances while she creates. You can certainly feel that energy emenating from her pictures in a beautiful symbiosis of thought and colour.

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