Lemon Meringue Pie Love!

As I take a break from the lemon meringue pie that is dripping off my easel - I wanted to consider another artist who has mused this lemony delight.

Wayne Thiebaud (b.1920) is an American painter, known for his iconic paintings of gorgeously textured cakes and confections. His food paintings appear so real and I am particularly enchanted with his depictions of Lemon Meringue Pie. I love the way he captures the translucency of lemon jelly with the cloudier marshmallow layer above, encased by delicious whirling waves of meringue. He is a master of observation and shadows, which works to bring out the key colour, in this instance lemon yellow. His soft pastel palette is something to be admired as well – everything about his paintings are just so edible! I suppose what I have drawn from Theibaud is his use of shadows to create depth and intrigue in his food paintings. Look at the way the light blue shadow falls across the plate, merging into deep browns and Prussian blue as it hits the table top. The complexity of this and all his shadow work, takes the art to another level.

Previously my Lemon Meringue Pie's have been textured, yes, but instead of creating mood and depth in the paint, I have opted for a flat coloured background reminiscent of Pop Art. As an artist I’m always looking to progress and evolve – so I wanted to use this line of thought as an anchor for my next series (including the LMP!) - which I am working on for an online exhibition next month with Kate Preston Art. Invitations to follow!

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