Office Sessions curated by Caitlin Mavroleon 2014 – 2015

I was lucky enough to be involved in ‘Office Sessions’, a series of exhibitions curated by the wonderful Caitlin Mavroleon. The exhibitions were held in different disused buildings around London, including office spaces and police stations, and were a melting pot of artistic talent. Office Sessions III held at a disused office space, The Anchorage House in East India Docks, was the first OS exhibition I participated in in 2014. Three floors of the building were taken over by around 140 artists over a four-week period. I filled my room with my watercolour food paintings, which was the main medium I used at the time.

The following year, in 2015, I was involved in Office Sessions IV located at a disused police station at 54 Beak Street in Soho. The police station had been inhabited by anti G8 protesters in 2013 who had graffitied many of the walls. 60 artists installed works over the five floors and included everything from a rainbow room to shark fins soaring through the floor.

As a part of the brief, artists were asked, ‘what would you do with a graffitied room?’. Instantly I was thinking along the lines of a 3D installation. I thought the blue graffiti could melt into a meringue mountain and crack and swirl into the middle of the room. This became the foundation of my idea, which I developed to include three walls and resulted in a Meringue landscape, a slice of Viennetta and custard pouring from the ceiling. My vision was achieved through the help of other artists working in the space, and inspired by my knowledge of Art History. I was drawn to Claes Oldenburg’s over sized food sculptures, which he placed in abstract locations such as ice cream on a skyscraper (above). I wanted to think about food in an original and abstract way. And so over two weeks I worked day and night to create a sweet, psychedelic room. Here is a link to a film created by Mad Tatter Films about the project.

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