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Alice Straker, British artist and ILLUSTRATOR.

Alice paints vibrant and textual oil paintings from her studio in Hampshire and is available for collaborations and commissions.
Alice started painting after an encounter with a slice of raspberry meringue cake in 2013, which she thought was so beautiful she felt compelled to paint it. Alice’s work has evolved to be steeped in nostalgia and often depicts favourite childhood dishes such as chocolate eclairs - with the intention of elevating the everyday. Alice’s paintings range in subject matter from apple blossom, flowers to food and drink. Her work has a sense of deliciousness about it, which is achieved through materials, tools and texture.


Alice’s inspiration comes from her family’s love of cooking, and growing up in the Herefordshire countryside surrounded by mountains, apple orchards and gardens filled with vegetables and flowers grown by her green fingered mother! Alice’s twin brother, Thomas Straker, is a chef, who inspired much of her early work. Alice would frequent Tom’s restaurants in London and paint the dishes that flew out of the kitchen.
Alice also draws on her knowledge of Art History, working closely with the colour wheel and often references movements and styles from Pop Art to Impressionism, Wayne Thiebaud to Matisse.


Alice is looking for gallery representation. If you are interested in Alice’s work or would like to exhibit her Art, please get in touch to discuss. If you would like to see the work in person, please contact Alice to arrange a studio visit.

‘TOTALLY addicted to all of Alice's stuff! I have the placemats, coasters, aprons, Aga covers, tea towels, prints and even the postcards. Excellent quality and couldn't recommend enough!’

Verity Lyndon Stanford

‘An iconic yet evolving style is rare. Plus she brightens up any wall or dinner table.’

Lara Chapple

‘Alice’s evocative and technicolour paintings are full of nostalgia and reminiscence, and show her charming and almost childlike curiosity when it comes to exploring the world around her.’

Ellie Vincent

‘I am the lucky person who has Alice's giant eclair hanging on her wall! The textures are amazing - I just love her work’

Geva Blackett
mackerel illustration alice straker

‘Al Straker lives in a dreamlike reality which her work captures. Her imagination can be sparked by anything from a word, to cooking a meal or just going on a walk. To see the magic in life is a gift many artists don’t have, an Al applies her absolute focus to this magic.’

Ellie vincent-blacklock
beetroot illustration by alice straker

‘I love the mats and coasters I bought recently - great colours and excellent quality. Thank you!’

Jo Rhodes
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About ALice Straker


Alice takes on one commission a month. Should you be interested in booking yours in please email us and we will arrange a call.