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design studio in Brooklyn, New York

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If you have an idea you want to bring to life such as your favourite dish, cake or vase of flowers - please get in touch to discuss.

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beautiful blooms


Alice loves capturing the fleeting beauty of flowers, and since the beginning of her art career has stepped into flower mode from British Spring time onwards. If you have an idea for a beautiful flower commission including immortalising your bridal bouquet or have a stunning vase of flowers you'd love painted, such as these frilly parrot tulips, please get in touch to discuss.
mark a moment in time

Memories from an adventure

Paintings capture moments and memories. Do you have a particular moment from a special holiday or event that you'd like to be captured in paint like these glorious Hoopoe Birds sitting on a tree? Alice would love to bring your ideas to life in paint.

A favourite meal

Alice offers original painting commissions of your favourite dishes, so their legacy can live on, reminding you of happy memories. These paintings aim to transport you straight back to a place and time - to that life changing plate of oysters or lobster or sea bream that you had in Cornwall or Greece!
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Inspired to commission Alice to illustrate for your event? She'd love to hear from you and will get back to you ASAP with next steps!